Microsoft responds to Xbox 360 store closure: just a mistake

Earlier, Microsoft announced that it would be removing a number of games from the Xbox 360 store, leaving many gamers feeling a bit sorry for themselves.

And after that, even more gamers found the official Xbox support page, which shows that the Xbox 360 Marketplace will be closed next year and suggests gamers to buy Xbox 360 games or DLC before May 2023.

microsoft responds to xbox 360 store closure just a mistake

The news has certainly caused quite a stir.

Today, Xbox Global Product Marketing Manager Bree Adams has responded to clarify the news.

Adams said it was a mistake: "This news was published in error and we can confirm that the Xbox 360 Marketplace will not be shutting down in May 2023."

Indeed, the Xbox 360 is an "antique" console, having been launched in 2005 and announced to be discontinued in 2016.

For a console like that, it's not entirely incomprehensible that Microsoft would actually announce that it's closing up shop.

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