How to enable good hibernation in Win11

Windows has a special "fun" place is a lot of practical or useful features, there are no detailed settings, but rather those of our daily hard to use functional components, the settings given to the project in great detail.

Take the hibernation function, desktop users love to die, as long as the boot can quickly return to the last user interface, enter the state at any time; laptop partners hate it is not without reason, accidentally hibernate the battery depleted, it will be very embarrassing to go out; in addition to the notebook storage space is not very large, want to use the pinch, but also can not adjust the size, you said to increase the appropriate settings of a hibernation items have So difficult?

If you need to set up hibernation in detail, just follow me and do it together.

Fear of hibernation occupies disk space or simply do not want to use this feature, the way to close is in the command prompt (WIN + R after Ctrl+Shift+entering CMD), type:

powercfg -h off

When you turn it on, just replace "off" with "on" at the end.

how to enable good hibernation in win11

For those who want to use it properly but are afraid of running out of space on the system disk (C drive), there is another trick, just use

powercfg hibernate size XX

how to enable good hibernation in win11 1

You can control the size of the hibernation file generated by Windows. Oh, you do not copy "XX" directly, remember to use the command is to replace XX with a specific value, the range between 40 ~ 100 on it. This way you can continue to enjoy the convenience of hibernation brought by the state before shutdown at any time, and do not have to worry about the space occupied by the bird.

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