Fortnite drops Win7 support

Of Microsoft's recent generations of operating systems, the main ones that have managed to be nail-biters are WinXP & Win7, with the latter still being used as a mainstay by many, but Win7 has been out for 13 years now and is simply too old and Microsoft has long since stopped supporting it, making it a huge security risk.

fortnite drops win7 support

EPIC's game "Fortnite" is now explicitly abandoning Win7 and Win8. After the launch of Season 2 of Chapter 4, these two platforms will no longer be supported and players will need PC systems such as Win10 and Win11 to be able to play.

The main reason for dropping Win7/8 was that it wasn't secure enough, as well as the lack of support for modern technology, which EPIC says they previously had to spend extra time and effort on to support these systems when it should have been used for the game itself, and now it's time to drop it.

Fortnite is not the first, nor will it be the last, to drop Win7/8, not long ago Fist's Dreadnought also announced that it was dropping support for Windows 7/8/8.1 systems.

In fact, not only are software and game developers dropping support for systems like Win7, but 32-bit systems are also becoming less supported, with League of Legends announcing just a few days ago that it will stop supporting 32-bit Windows systems in April.

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