“Control” is now free on the Epic Games Store

Today (December 27) is the sixth day of the event, the official announced at 0:00 on time the free game of the day: By the developer Remedy Entertainment production 505 Games released action adventure game "control". Players need to log into the Epic Mall before 11:59 on December 27, the game a click into the library, later than this point in time will only be able to receive the mystery game tomorrow.

About "Control"

"Control" is a third-person adventure game produced by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. The story depicts a secret agency in New York City that is under attack from an alien world, and players will try to take control in the chaotic area. This work focuses on supernatural ability to fight, players must change their abilities with the environment, and try to use their superpowers to fight in the unknown world.

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