Nintendo asks resource site SteamGridDB to take down infringing images

For players, Nintendo can be regarded as a synonym for "quality assurance", Mario, Pikachu and a series of classic characters have become the opportunity for many players to contact video games and childhood memories.

But for the creators, Nintendo has and Disney's "strongest legal department", for copyright-related rights and interests are quite important, even if there is no income from the creation of the same person, but also likely to be sued by Nintendo to stop.

Recently, Nintendo sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request to the resource site SteamGridDB (SGDB) because of copyright issues, requesting that the image resources containing Nintendo's copyright be taken down.

nintendo asks resource site steamgriddb to take down infringing images 1

It is reported that the site mainly hosts fan-made icons and image resources for display in the Steam software interface, and as a free resource library, all its resources are uploaded by users without any income from them.

But even so, Nintendo still believes that because some of SGDB's images appear with Nintendo's logos and character images, which may lead to consumer confusion, and therefore asked it to take down these resources.

At present, SGDB has already taken down dozens of related images at Nintendo's request, and marked "This asset has been removed in response to a DMCA removal request".

nintendo asks resource site steamgriddb to take down infringing images

Author: King
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