After upgrading the Win11 2022 annual update, the game performance of the N card has shrunk wildly

This week, Microsoft officially started the push of Windows 11's first major update, 22H2. After the upgrade, the system version number will be increased to Build

However, as is usual with Windows, the update was problematic.

In addition to some Intel 11th-generation Core platform users who said they could not install updates, some NVIDIA graphics card users reported that they experienced a very obvious decline in game performance.

One of the users said that when playing the games "Battlefield 5" and "Need for Speed 21: Heat", the hardware resources could not be fully invoked to participate in the calculation.

Some users said that on their Core i7-12700K+DDR5+RTX 3080 Ti platform, the number of game frames dropped from 120FPS to about 30FPS, and the G-Sync function also failed.

At present, NVIDIA staff has begun to collect user feedback in the community and troubleshoot positioning problems.

Author: King
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