A lot of early development footage of “GTA6” leaks: 53 minutes of demo video

After so many years of eating "GTA5", R Star finally started to build the next one. As a result, he was unfavorable and suffered the largest leak in the history of the game.

Recently, some overseas netizens exposed a large number of so-called early real machine demonstration pictures of "GTA6", as well as some pictures of early development, and the 53-minute video was released.

In addition to the exposure of the real machine picture, this netizen also released tens of thousands of lines of source code of "GTA 6", including the relevant content of basic functions such as vehicles and jumping, which is very heavy for Rockstar and the game production team. the blow.

It may even lead to a major change in the game design of "GTA 6" and greatly extend the time to market.

a lot of early development footage of gta6 leaked 53 minutes of demo video

According to previous news, "GTA6" tentative name code name: Americas, the story will take place in Miami and its surrounding areas, the game's indoor scenes will be more than the previous work. And the work will be set for both male and female protagonists.

Judging from the images exposed this time, some of the previous revelations are indeed true. The rumors at the time also said that the work would not debut until 2025, and I hope it will arrive as scheduled.

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