Blizzard’s “Diablo 4” Leaks video: picture quality and gameplay are more exciting

Recently, someone on foreign forums shared a new leaked video of "Diablo 4", showing the real game content. This video is supposed to be taken from a beta beta for friends and relatives to see the barbarian's powerful abilities and skill tree. The game screen is also shown and it looks good.

Also see decorations in the store, including "Sunken Treasures", "Brackish Fetch", "Heir to the Sea" and "Tols of the Sea". Previously, Blizzard stated that in "Diablo 4", the player's kryptonite will not become stronger, and the decorations in the store will not affect the gameplay.

blizzards diablo 4 latest live video picture quality and gameplay are more exciting

"Diablo 4" is an action role-playing game. The game's open world contains 150 dungeons, which can become friendly towns after clearing hostile areas. There are also gameplays such as challenging the world Boss, you can cooperate with other players to challenge, and there is also an exclusive PVP area to support cross-platform online.

The game maintains the high quality and high level of the series of games, there are a variety of occupations to choose from, each occupation has its own unique skills and gameplay, allowing players to play endlessly. The game will be officially released in 2023.

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