GPD released WIN 4 game console: equipped with Ryzen 7 6800U

I have to say that AMD's Ryzen 7 6800U can almost be said to be a "handheld God U", and a number of Windows handhelds have announced the use of this processor.

Today, the domestic handheld brand GPD announced the WIN 4 handheld. Not surprisingly, it also uses the Ryzen 7 6800U processor, equipped with a 6-inch native horizontal screen, weighing about 500 grams, optional 32GB memory, 2TB SSD .

gpd released win 4 game console equipped with ryzen 7 6800u

It is not difficult to see from the official product map that the design of WIN 4 is similar to Sony's PSP handheld.

At the same time, this handheld adopts a side-sliding keyboard design, and the physical keyboard can be exposed by sliding up the screen, which is more convenient for users to operate.

In other respects, the handheld has added 6-axis gyroscope support and has dual Type-C ports, which can be charged while connected to the display.

In addition, the new handheld adds a 4G LTE module with a back clip, as well as a back clip SSD module, which supports M.2 2230 and 2242 specifications.

It is reported that the WIN 4 handheld will open the closed beta in October this year.

gpd released win 4 game console equipped with ryzen 7 6800u 1

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