NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud service adds 6 new games: lineup reaches 1400 milestone

Today, NVIDIA officially announced that its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service has added support for 6 new games, successfully reaching the milestone of 1,400 games.

The games added to GeForce NOW are as follows:

  • -Gloomwood (Steam)
  • -TRAIL OUT (Steam)
  • -Shatterline (Steam, September 8)
  • -Steelrising (Steam/Epic, September 8)
  • -Broken Pieces (Steam, September 9)
  • -Realm Royale Reforged (Epic)

nvidia geforce now cloud service adds 6 new games lineup reaches 1400 milestone

At present, the GeForce NOW service has been able to provide users with cloud play of 1,400 games. Even if the performance of the user's device is not ideal, they can still experience excellent graphics and light tracking effects.

At the same time, even if users do not purchase the above-mentioned games, GeForce NOW has made cloud game adaptations for more than 100 free games including "Fortnite", "League of Legends" and "Genshin Impact", which is convenient for players to play.

At this stage, the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service is available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, SHIELD TV and some smart TVs.

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