SONY PS5 software update brings 1440p support, game listings and more

Sony has begun rolling out a new update for PS5 that brings some much-needed features to the console. These features have been tested by beta participants prior to the global rollout. One of the best features of the new PS5 update is the 1440p game support, which will allow you to play select games in 1440p resolution. On top of that, the new update brings a wide range of social features that make playing with friends even more fun. Since the update has already started rolling out, you'll be seeing it on your PS5 soon.

sony ps5 software update brings 1440p support game listings and more

The new PS5 update brings the long-awaited 1440p HDMI video output. TVs and monitors that support 1440p 60Hz or 120Hz will support this feature. This means you can play select games at 1440p resolution and high frame rates. However, the PS5 player cannot access VRR at 1440p because it only supports 1080p and 4K. This update also brings Game Lists, which lets you create dedicated lists for your games. You can add up to 100 games to a list, creating a total of 15 lists. If you have a lot of games in your library, this will make finding them much easier.

The PS5 update introduces a variety of social features, including the ability to request screen sharing from players on the same side. It's also now easier to view your friends' profiles, and you'll receive notifications to join your friends' games in party chat. In addition to this, the new update introduces a feature that allows you to use YouTube via voice command. However, this feature can be accessed in the Preview format, which is only available in the US and UK. Finally, later this month, the iOS version of the PS App will get many new features, including the ability to request screen shares from the app, start remote game sessions, and more.

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