Red Dead Redemption 2 Finally Supports AMD FSR 2.0 Technology

Because it does not require machine learning units and supports most of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, AMD's image processing technology FSR 2.0 has always been regarded as a "gospel" for old graphics card players.

But unfortunately, many games do not natively support FSR 2.0, so players can only make their own MODs and add support for the game. R star's "Red Dead Redemption 2" is one of them.

The good news is that recently, Rockstar released the 1.31 version update for "Red Dead Redemption 2". In addition to regular optimization, it finally added official FSR 2.0 technical support for the PC version.

red dead redemption 2 finally supports amd fsr 2 0 technology

For low-end users, this means that in order to experience better picture effects, it is necessary to study the installation instructions of MOD for half a day, and the era of manually modifying game files at the risk of crashing the game due to improper operation has finally passed; just open it in the settings Switch, you can experience the frame rate improvement brought by FSR 2.0.

It is reported that FSR 2.0 has four modes of quality, balance, performance and limit, which correspond to different zoom ratios, but according to AMD's official information, even the most exaggerated limit mode of zoom can guarantee the picture quality.

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