Valve issued a warning against Steam Deck

Recently the climate in several regions of the world are very extreme, the northern hemisphere 40 degrees high temperature rampant, the British data center are closed because of high temperature, our daily use of electronic equipment will also be affected by high temperature, Valve for Steam Deck issued a warning.

According to Valve, for those users in hot climates, the Steam Deck will only perform optimally in 0-35 degrees ambient temperature, and if the temperature is higher than 35 degrees, the Steam Deck may begin to reduce performance to protect the device.

However, Valve said the Steam Deck's processor is not as fragile as we think, custom AMD APU can run well at 100 degrees high temperature, in 100 degrees will reduce the performance, 105 degrees before shutting down, so that the same is to protect the device from damage.

With Sony, Microsoft's host, Steam Deck's processor is also a custom AMD APU processor, this chip is very special, belonging to the Van Gogh (Van Gogh) family, also called Aerith (Aerith), 7nm process, Zen2 CPU architecture, RDNA2 GPU architecture.

GPU and Microsoft Xbox Series X / S, Sony PS5 is the same tier, compared to the Vega architecture in AyaNeo ahead of a couple of times, and lower power consumption, from 10-25W down to just 4-15W.

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