Nintendo Switch Pro may be released this year

Before you know it, it's been six years since nintendo's signature console, the Switch, was released. Nintendo SwitchPro will be released in 2022, according to a Japanese media report citing a well-known party.

Pixelpar, a popular blogger, recently published a post predicting that a new model of the Switch will be released within this year. Whether it will be Switch 2 or Switch Pro is not clear, but it is still predicted that the software will be used as a virtual tape, and the existing hardware brand and architecture will be maintained to achieve better performance. Sounds more like Switch Pro.

Pixelpar users have leaked official nintendo Switch information several times in the past, which has some credibility.

Nintendo PRESIDENT Hasegawa Hasegawa said in a press interview, "When we announce new consoles in the future, we will make a smooth transition to the console era." New consoles have been mentioned, but as for the future, we don't know when.

Author: King
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