Windows 98 is on Xbox now

RetroArch has taken a new step forward, allowing Xbox to run PS2 games, and has successfully installed Windows 98 on Xbox Series S/X.

Some of the best old games, including but not limited to Command & Conquer, Dinosaur Hunter and Roller Coaster Tycoon, can be played on the Win98, according to early taste videos posted by Digital Foundry. Even apps like run picture and Word97 are stress-free.

The migration is easy, but RetroArch costs $19 and requires deploying the DOS system on DOSBox Pure before installing the operating system on a legitimate Win98 DISC.

The only regret is that the system can't recognize the mouse and can only move the cursor with the gamepad.

Of course, there are many other ways to experience Windows 98, not necessarily on Xbox Series S/X. Plus, there are already hd remastered versions of Red Alert and Age of Empires on Steam, which might be a better experience.

Author: King
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