Bright Memory: Infinite” landed on the Game Console on July 21

Bright Memories: Infinite" officially announced the Switch, XSX|S version of the launch trailer, while announcing that it will be officially released on July 21, the unified price of about RMB 66 yuan in Hong Kong service.

At present, the Nintendo eShop has opened early pre-order, with the previous "Bright Memory" XSX|S version of the player to purchase can enjoy 20% discount.

Among them, the Switch version handheld mode 720P/30FPS, base mode 1080P/30FPS, support gyroscope aiming.

XSX|S version added 5 exclusive weapons skin "fluorescent emerald green" for free, XSX version support ray tracing 60 frame mode and 120FPS high frame rate mode.

As for the PS5 has not been announced for the time being, according to this news, the work on the PS5 will support DualSense adaptive trigger, greater immersion, while the Switch version will support Joycon gyroscope body sense aiming, more convenient control.

It is worth mentioning that the host version will come with all the DLC collections launched so far after purchase, and the price can be said to be very conscientious.

Author: King
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