T2 issued a deletion notice asking “GTA5” “Red Dead Redemption 2” VR module authors to stop development

According to Mod author Luke Ross, T2 has sent him a DMCA removal request asking him to remove all VR Mods for related games, such as GTA5, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mafia: Definitive Edition, which Luke Ross says essentially means all Mod development must stop.

However, Luke Ross still wants to try to counter the DMCA removal request. He said in a statement that he had asked Take-Two to clarify the deletion because the mods themselves did not use copyrighted works from the company.

None of the modifications I made used T2's software, nor were they intended to replace their games or exploit T2's proprietary intellectual property or assets," he said in the statement. All of my modifications require users to purchase and own the game before adding my modifications."

T2 itself has yet to release any official statement regarding the DMCA removal request, but the reason for the release is likely that those interested in VR mods must subscribe to Luke Ross' Patreon (for a fee). Generally speaking, game companies turn a blind eye to mods as long as they are not for profit.

Author: King
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