PS VR2 real machine first exposure: wired connection, handle super science fiction

There's been a lot of news about the PLAYSTATION VR2 lately, but it's only in the first few official images released by SONY, and today a studio called Bit Planet Games has released the first real pictures of the PLAYSTATION VR2.

From the photos, the head display body has a long cable. One user asked if it would violate the NDA, and the studio said it would have violated the NDA if it had released the photo six months ago.

SONY officially announced the Playstation VR2 and its specs in early January of this year.

At a business briefing last month, SIE president Jim Ryan said that they have at least 20 games ready for the LAUNCH of THE PS VR2, both first party and third party.

According to Ross Young, CEO of Display supply chain consulting, the new headset will go on sale next year and will use an AMOLED screen.

Playstation VR2 parameters:

Playstation VR2 controller parameters:

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