SONY PS5 Pro gamepad first revealed: rival Microsoft Xbox Elite gamepad

A lot of SONY's gaming strategy these days can be summed up as "competing with Microsoft", whether it's focusing on AAA in the US and Europe, pushing its games to the PC, or subscription-based services.

Today, source Tom Henderson revealed that SONY plans to release a PLAYSTATION 5 Pro controller that will be designed and positioned as a rival to Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller.

The gamepad, known internally as the PlayStation5 Pro gamepad, features a replaceable joystick, an adjustable trigger button and a rear pick button while retaining the PS5 gamepad style.

Compared with traditional gamepads, elite gamepads have more customizable options to effectively improve the player's sense of operation, and the paddles on the back are more effective tools to cope with the increasingly complex requirements of modern games.

The source did not say when the PS5 Pro controller would be released, saying only that it would be "very soon."

Based on earlier information, the controller may be available by the end of this month, and SONY plans to unveil a number of accessories.

Author: King
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