Microsoft’s New Xbox Keystone is here: it’s for XGP cloud gaming

Even before the Xbox Series came out, it was rumored that Microsoft would launch a cloud gaming product called Keystone.

As Xbox Cloud Gaming, XGP's Cloud service, became available on more and more platforms, the consensus was that Xbox Keystone was dead.

In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson said that development of Xbox Keystone is continuing, but that a number of tweaked details have caused the project to move away from the current iteration.

According to the presentation, the product will be able to connect to any monitor or TV just like a regular Xbox console, and will be able to run XGP's cloud gaming service to reach more users.

On systems, Xbox Keystone is likely to run a stripped-down version of Windows or Xbox, allowing the device to be bundled with more of the company's services.

However, the company has not disclosed any details about how Xbox Keystone will look or how it will be configured, and says it is in no hurry to release the product.

Author: King
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