SONY PS5 Pro leak: Upgrade 8K 60fps

SONY PS5, Microsoft Xbox Series are there mid-term upgrades?

The answer was confirmed by friends business!

The new Xbox Series S/X and SONY PS5 Pro consoles in 2023-2024 will support 60 to 120 frames at 8K, according to the official POWERPOINT presentation held by a Major Chinese TV manufacturer in Poland.

There are two possibilities. One is that the manufacturer did have advance information about SONY/Microsoft's unreleased hardware, given the inherent advantages of being a big TV maker. The second is that manufacturers are just using the disclosure or speculation information placeholder description, intended to emphasize the importance of 8K.

Going back to PS5 Pro, although 8K 60fps /120 FPS is difficult to implement natively in RDNA3 architecture based on AMD GPU evolution, interpolation 8K is ok thanks to magnification technologies like FSR 2.0.

However, HDMI 2.1 has limited bandwidth, will PS5 Pro/ New Xbox Series ship with DP 2.0 port?

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