“Battlefield 2042” cut 128 people mode

Battlefield 2042" version 4.1, scheduled for release this day, modified the total war under the Breakthroughs mode (Breakthroughs) the number of people cap, from 128 to 64 people shrink.

DICE believes that 128 people are more suitable for conquest mode, Breakthroughs mode will be cut to 64 people to ease the chaotic situation, more suitable for small teams to play tactical advantages. To achieve this purpose, the development team also further limited the number of vehicles to reduce the pressure on the player's defense.

Some players objected to this, saying that the conquest mode is the game mode that needs to be fixed; 128-player breakthrough mode is indeed chaotic, but at least there is something to do, unlike conquest, which is looking for a battle to fight everywhere. In order to accommodate 128 players, the size of the conquest mode map can be considered overkill.

DICE originally planned four season passes for Battlefield 2042 in 2022, but the first one was delayed until early summer, and now no one knows the fate of the three remaining season passes.

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