Xbox Series Update: TV input signal can be switched with the handle

Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb from Microsoft's Xbox division tweeted today (April 7) that starting now, Xbox Series X|S users can use the console joystick to cut the input source from their TV directly back to the console. hyrb said the feature is Hyrb said the feature is part of Consumer Electronics Control (CEC).

CEC has previously existed on Xbox consoles for some time, but as of today, users can officially use the feature. The same feature may have existed on the PS5 for some time.

As long as the TV connected to the Xbox Series console supports CEC, gamers can use their Xbox handles to switch inputs. All they have to do is find the TV and A/V power options menu in the console's settings. From there, users can turn on HDMI-CEC and choose which commands their console can send to their TV.

In addition to being able to use their joystick to switch the TV input, users can also have their host change the volume of their device or turn other devices on or off.

Author: King
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