CDPR talks about the new role of “The Witcher” Unreal 5 reasons, said it will not be exclusive for Epic

CDPR officially announced previously that the new Witcher, will use the Unreal 5 engine instead of the REDengine engine used for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

In last night's official Unreal 5 engine livestream, CDPR officially explained the reasons for the new Witcher to be developed using the Unreal 5 engine.

CDPR Chief Technology Officer Pawel Zawodny said the update to the Unreal 5 engine helps with the development of its open-world games, which is a big selling point for the studio.

Zawodny said, "This opens a new chapter for us, and we're really excited to see how our experience creating open-world games can be combined with Epic's engineering capabilities."

Meanwhile game director Jason Slama said that open-world game development faces a number of challenges compared to linear games, and that the Unreal 5 engine will help CDPR solve this problem.

CDPR developers also noted that thanks to the Unreal 5 engine, iterations and prototyping are faster than ever before, giving developers time to test new ideas with more confidence.

Despite this close collaboration, officials still say that the new Witcher game will not be an Epic exclusive.

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