New icon sparks speculation: or Xbox picture app

Aggiornamenti Lumia, a well-known tipster, has shared an app icon in its latest tweet. Although no other information was provided in the tweet, the content of the icon suggests that a new Xbox app is being planned.

It's worth noting that the top half of this icon is the Photos app icon in Windows 11 with an Xbox corner in the bottom right corner, presumably this upcoming app is likely to be the Photos app for Xbox consoles. But it could also be an app for Windows devices to view and edit images and videos recorded on Xbox consoles through the built-in Game Capture feature on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X console series.

Another possibility is that it could be some sort of Xbox-themed wallpaper or screensaver for smart TVs that uses high-resolution images of Xbox video games as artwork. Microsoft has recently dabbled in this type of functionality with its Smart TVs.

Author: King
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