Apple App Store has opened “Diablo: Immortal” hand game pre-order

Back in 2018, we already learned at BlizzCon that the company would be creating a Diablo handheld game. Officials claim the story is set between the second and third generation titles and will be released on iPhone / iPad and Android platforms later this year. In addition, Diablo: Immortal is said to come with a new narrative, complemented by a multiplayer mode with competition and co-op / handle support.

(From: Blizzard official website)

Players will once again gather in the magical world of Sanctuary to prevent the resurrection of Diablo by the terrorist herald Skarn.

Blizzard wrote in a statement: The development team is proud to bring more battle preparation and adventure opportunities to the general public to fight against the deadly demonic forces of Skarn and ultimately achieve victory.

At the same time, Apple App Store has also released the Diablo: Immortal handheld game pre-order.

In addition, Blizzard revealed that if the pre-order volume reaches 30 million, the company will also unlock the Horadrim Cosmetic set for all players. If you are interested, you can complete the tutorial and redeem within 30 days of the game's release.

The App Store preview page states that by adding a pre-order, Diablo: Immortal will be available for automatic download to players' iPhones or iPads at the first opportunity for release later this year.

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Apple points out that players can choose from roles such as barbarian, necromancer and demon hunter, and the game supports joystick operation. To attract the majority of new and old players flock to the game, the official also provides a team competition and other game mechanics.

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