“Dear Esther: Landmark Edition” is now free on the Steam Store

Adventure game "Dear Esther: Landmark Edition" has been landed in February 2017 on the Steam platform, the total rating of more than half praise, the work is currently open in Steam for a limited time free to receive, interested players can be on February 16, 23:00 before the game for free, do not miss.

About “Dear Esther: Landmark Edition”

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is an adventure puzzle game created by The Chinese Room, Robert Briscoe. It is a picturesque work of art with a rich and varied interactive environment. Players can explore an isolated island and uncover a story of their own love and hate. The game's extras are excellent, the soundtrack will also enchant players, and the game's graphics are quite exquisite. The landmark version was remade using the Unity 3D engine, adding full voice and a new mode: director commentary mode.

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